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Back to the beginnings

  • Axel Sleebus
  • 17 July 2016
  • 2 min lezen

Last week is spend a few days in the Belgian Lowlands not in my boat, but on a bike or on foot. This return gave me a chance to watch some things from a different perspective. Heindonk (BEL) is where it al started, de first time I came in contact with this sport called kayak.
Running Heindonk

Now I’m back in ‘Bourg’ in the sun with the mountains in the background, thinking about what to write on this blogpost. (Not as easy as it seems)

After my last post I did take part in several competitions: Goumois (SUI), Merano (ITA), Final N3 in Vinon (FRA), Finale N2 in Yenne (FRA).
Both Goumois and Merano are competitions that are still held on a natural course which is becoming increasingly rare. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages but I think it’s still a unique experience to be competing in the middle of nature.
The 61th International Canoe Slalom Merano is a well know competition taking place every year in may in SüdTirol on the border of Italy and Austria in the lovely city of Merano/Meran. My qualifications didn’t go as planned but nevertheless I advanced to the semis. Where I had tot start as one of the first, setting a time that stood a long time on the top of the rankings. Eventually finishing 16th just missing out on the finals.

After that I left for the N3 Finals in Vinon sur Verdon in the french ‘Provence’ region. Despite a big mistake in the Finals where I lost a lot of time I was able to finish second, less than a second behind the first. Finishing in the Top three was enough to qualify for the N2 Finals in Yenne several weeks later.
Yenne, a small course within an one hour drive from ‘Bourg’ on the river Rhône and is one of my favourite courses.


My first run was solid until an error in the last upstream gate. No panic! There was still a second run to do. I started really eager and had an excellent top section with tight lines until a touch (2 sec. penalty) where I lost my concentration ending up with another touch.

Result: one of the fastest times of the day ending just behind the winning run, 4 penalty seconds so not advancing to the semis, no french championship in ‘Bourg’, big disappointment.

After Yenne I took a break to enjoy all the other possibilities/sports the mountains has to offer. To eventually get back at it to end the lasts competitions in septembre.

High Water Doron de BozelWhat have I learned after the passed months? I made some big progressions since my first race. Which gives me a lot of motivation the start training already for the next season, to show everything I got both on the international races as the french!