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Axel Sleebus


Change = Key to motivation

  • Axel Sleebus
  • 7 November 2016
  • 2 min lezen

Training during winter: not as easy as it seems
Still it is an important period where you work on the foundation of the upcoming summer saison. Experiencing difficulties to keep the inner drive high because of the races that are still far away, days are shorter and of course much colder temperatures.

How do you keep up this motivation/drive? The solution that works the best for me is trying to change a lot between mijn training options. Meaning that I don’t spend all my time in my boat to complete all training sessions. I try to change to biking (MTB), (trail-)running, Ski Touring, Cross Country, Climbing, …

Croix de Bozon

Often when talking about crosstraining they refer to a transfer between the two sports and a lot of the times this is very small or non existing. Especially with kayaking there aren’t a lot sports that use the same muscles maybe swimming, climbing.
So I don’t pay much attention to that, I use the other sports to work on my endurance. Cross Country for example is a perfect alternative because you use muscles both in the upper and lower body.
Adding climbing to it to work on strength can be useful, during climbing you work on a combination of maximale power and endurance strength. This can be a perfect solution if you don’t like to be in the gym all the time.


It isn’t a surprise that both climbing and cross country are frequently used during wintertraining in the countries where it is often colder during winter, thinking of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, …
Important too is to add one or more sports to your wintertraining program to stimulate other muscles that aren’t used during your classic training sessions. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to paddle anymore, it is still the most important part of your training. Using the winter preparation to lay the foundation for the summer both on and off the water.

For me this change is important, I am convinced that variation in training causes that I end my winter preparation with a solid foundation, some sports are just better to train for example your VO2max others for the strength training part.
Also psychologically it is beneficial, ending a difficult training period with a lot of sessions and hours still with a feeling of being fresh and looking forward to the racing season.

So now you have an idea what works for me, I advice you to try different types of training/sports and decide what works the best for you. Enjoy the wintertraining!