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Axel Sleebus


Progress is key

  • Axel Sleebus
  • 9 July 2017
  • 2 min lezen

It’s always a pleasure to be back in the Valley (Tarentaise)! And what a difference with a month ago when the mountain tops where still white instead of green, giving it another dimension to the mountains.

Where have I been the last couple of weeks?

It started at the end of May when I left for Tacen, near Ljublijana in the beautiful Slovenia for the European championships. Tacen is one of the more difficult courses on the circuit with a big drop of 8 meters just after the start.

European Championship TacenA big part of the training sessions are spend just on that drop. After a few sessions I felt confident and managed the drop well, still enjoying every minute on the course. So I was looking forward to race. I started to fast and made too much little mistakes so ended up in the second run. The second run I was more calm at the start and managed the first couple of gates really wel but this changed quickly when I rolled and missed some gates. So it was over and out.

EK Tacen

Time to leave Tacen and Slovenia behind and move on to the next race, the start of the World Cup season within two weeks in Prague (CZE). I decided to go to Augsburg (GER) for a week of training to prepare for the second World Cup over-there. It’s always nice to paddle on this course with such a rich history, host of the first Olympics for canoe slalom in ’72. And it still is one of the best courses to train in the world.

ICF World Cup 1 Prague

After a week it was time to leave for Prague. This course is definitively in my top three of favorite courses and always a great atmosphere. Kayak in the Czech Republic is getting more and more attention in the media and is growing in popularity. Meaning that there a lot of people that come to watch the races. During the qualifiers I didn’t succeed to reach my level and paddled to slow, missing out on the semis. I decided to stay and to take some rest, watching the finals. It’s always a pleasure to see the Czech’s thrown down some fantastic racing at there home-course.

ICF World Cup 2 AugsburgBack to Augsburg for the second World Cup; leading up to the race training went well so I had a lot of confidence at the start. It was a technical course where a lot of big names made big mistakes. My first run went wel but I did make too much touches so had to run the secund run. During this run I managed to be much more in control and set down a faster time but it wasn’t enough for the semi finales. (Video of my second run)

Looking back on the last few weeks I notice a lot of progress in my racing and paddling in general. I am capable of doing a fast run to qualify for the semis, just need to work on some small mistakes. The difference between the top paddlers is getting smaller.

Now it’s time to use all this information to prepare for the World Cup in Ivrea (ITA) and the World Championships in Pau (FRA) in september.