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  • Axel Sleebus
  • 1 May 2017
  • 2 min lezen

Last month the new season kicked off, after all those long wintertraining sessions it felt good to start racing again to see if all the hard work pays off.


The first race was the team trials necessary to qualify for the European and World championships, this can count as a start of the season. The first weekend of racing was in Nancy (FRA).
It’s easy to say that I felt a lot of pressure because of the need to try to qualify as fast as possible. So I didn’t go all the way and paddled with the handbrake on, didn’t take any risks and ended up just missing out on the qualifications for that day.17807558_742118049283671_7268456780742134606_o
I didn’t panic and tried to focus on the next day of racing; less prssure, more risks and I will qualify I said to myself. The next day I was more relaxed and succeed to take more risks and paddled more aggressively.
Resulting in a good run, comfortable within the qualification criteria.

This being said, I felt a big weight falling of my shoulders because not being qualified has big consequences for the rest of your international season. I can definitively say that this is a perfect way to kick off the season and it feels great to be able to be racing again at the highest level

-European championships in Tacen (SLO)

-Worldcup in Praag (CZE)

-Worldcup in Augsburg (GER)

-Worldcup in Ivrea (ITA)

-Worldcup in Seu d’Urgell (ESP)

-World championships in Pau (FRA)

Also in april, I did compete in two more races to get back into racing mode with the Europeans already in my mind:

-ICF World Ranking in Markkleeberg (GER)

-ICF World Ranking in Ivrea (ITA)

The course of Ivrea is also the home of the fourth Worldcup of the season and is only a 2h drive from Bourg-saint-maurice. This means that I will spend there a lot of my time the coming months leading up to the Worldcup

Last month involved a lot of kilometers on the road, driving through several different countries searching for different training locations to keep making progress. At the moment I am back home enjoying my time in the mountains. Definitively looking forward to paddle back on the upper course that was destroyed after a big flood last year and where they just finished repairing it.

See y’all soon and expect some updates on social media. Cheers