Axel Sleebus

Axel Sleebus

Axel Sleebus

Belgian Moutain Athlete and Physiotherapist


About Me

Name: Axel Sleebus

DOB: 2 september ‘90

Height: 183cm

Weight: 78kg

Profession: Physiotherapist (Sport rehabilitation, Screening, Physical Preparation, Dry Needling)

Axel grew up near Hazewinkel where his passion for kayak started. Soon he started competing in flatwater competitions, where he achieved a few medals at the national champs.

After a few years he exchanged flatwater for whitewater and in particular Canoe Slalom. Since he’s been participating at several international comeptitions including the World- and European Championships.

Axel also participates in extreme kayak races, and enjoys paddling down rivers, as it is the purest form of whitewater kayak. He already had the opportunity the discover different rivers in Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, …

Since he moved to the French Alps he started with Mountaineering, Climbing, Ski-touring, Trailrunning, …

Every day again is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and water in its purest form that’s why kayaking for me is more then a sport, it’s a way of living!


  • Progress is key

    • Axel Sleebus
    • 9 July 2017
    • 2 min lezen

    It’s always a pleasure to be back in the Valley (Tarentaise)! And what a difference with a month ago when the mountain tops where still white instead of green, giving it another dimension to the mountains. Where have I been…

  • Dreamstart

    • Axel Sleebus
    • 1 May 2017
    • 2 min lezen

    Last month the new season kicked off, after all those long wintertraining sessions it felt good to start racing again to see if all the hard work pays off. The first race was the team trials necessary to qualify for…

  • Back to the beginnings

    • Axel Sleebus
    • 17 July 2016
    • 2 min lezen

    Last week is spend a few days in the Belgian Lowlands not in my boat, but on a bike or on foot. This return gave me a chance to watch some things from a different perspective. Heindonk (BEL) is where…


  • Change = Key to motivation

    • Axel Sleebus
    • 7 November 2016
    • 2 min lezen

    Training during winter: not as easy as it seems Still it is an important period where you work on the foundation of the upcoming summer saison. Experiencing difficulties to keep the inner drive high because of the races that are still…

  • Me as a physiotherapist

    • Axel Sleebus
    • 3 March 2016
    • 0 min lezen

    From the beginning of my childhood I have always shown a great interest in sports, slowly this started getting (slightly) out of control, mainly in terms of Kayak. But also other sports kept me interested. This motivation has ensured that I have…